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Dongguan GaoFei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2008, focused on the mobile phone, automotive, medical and other industries and to provide high-end label solutions, the company is committed to become the high-end bar code solutions provider.

GaoFei is based in Dongguan, global services. It have been cooperated with Huawei, Kyocera, Lenovo, Samsung, backgammon, Toyota, Gree, Shanghai and many other well-known pharmaceutical companies. Our business philosophy is cooperative, win-win, innovation.

A partnership with  many well-known enterprises, in order to better serve global customers, GaoFei commitment in all aspects of our service, quality, efficiency and constantly strive to innovate and exceed customer expectations.

Production and sale of major products:
     1. Resistance to alcohol, abrasion resistance, gasoline, high temperature resistance rubber, corrosion resistance and other high-end special carbon belt.
    2. Mobile tags: high temperature labels, anti-static labels, flame retardant labels.
    3. Security labels; car tags: cable labels, label vulcanized tire label, steel tag.
    4. Medical tags: Cryogenic labels, tags and other special high-end tube label.

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