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GAOFE® Labels – A Safe Bet for Casinos

Do you enjoy gambling? Well, perhaps ‘enjoy’ isn’t quite the right word. Maybe you LOVE gambling? It’s alright, we won’t judge. Either way, slot machines are a popular way to partake without necessarily needing any skill. (Unfortunately, the easier the game, the worse the odds are for winning and there isn’t a faster way to lose your money!)

Formerly called one-armed bandits because of a lever that was used to spin the reels of colorful symbols and also because they can rob you silly, slot machines come in all sorts of designs to stimulate and attract customers. Because there are so many units set up in the gambling halls and they account for over 65% of profits, it is important for casinos to keep track of their slot machine inventory—how often they are being used, how much is being paid out per machine and when necessary, help determine if they need to adjust the payout odds —say, when a machine has been idle for a certain length of time.

The best way to do this is through the use of barcodes… both on the winning receipts you cash in and on the machines themselves. Electronic Imaging makes extra-rugged asset labels for valuable property like this. Rather than use durable plastic labels, our GAOFE® labels are made with extra-tough anodized aluminum. Like traditional adhesive labels they can be “slapped on” with a pressure-sensitive adhesive or they can be screwed or riveted on to make it really difficult for someone to easily remove them.

One of our big-time national gaming customers operates twenty-six casino and racetrack facilities located in seventeen states and territories. They focus on slot machine entertainment and came to EIM looking for labels to use on all of their equipment; the GAOFE® labels couldn’t be a better fit! They requested small square custom-printed metal tags with QR codes sequentially numbered so they can keep an accurate inventory of what machines they have and in which facility.

The days of the slot machine levers are gone and customers now push buttons. The thrill of coins tumbling out in your hands has vanished too and you simply get paper receipts. One thing has never changed though…Our Label Experts are able to craft all kinds of asset label solutions. So never fear—you may love gambling, but when you deal with Electronic Imaging, you can be sure that you’ve got a solid bet!

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