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SNBC BTP-2100E Barcode Printer
SNBC BTP-2100E Barcode Printer
BTP-2100E / 2200E / 2300E Series are thermal / thermal transfer desktop label printer in the classic model. This product uses high-capacity supplies design. It can accommodate a length of 300m ribbon and its paper roll diameter is 127mm. In addition, the reliability of critical components and man-machine interface also has its unique.

BTP-2100E / 2200E / 2300E Series are thermal / thermal transfer desktop label printer in the classic model. 

This product uses high-capacity supplies design. It can accommodate a length of 300m ribbon and 

its paper roll diameter is 127mm. In addition, the reliability of critical components and man-machine 

interface also has its unique.


1.It used diamond-like carbon coating print heada key element reliability guaranteed.

2.It support a length of 300m ribbon. 

3.Printhead pressure can be adjustablecan be adapted to different thickness of the paper.

4.Has dual transmissive and reflective sensors movablecan be adapted to a variety of paper types.

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