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Polyonics Barcode Label
Polyonics Barcode Label
It used for electronics manufacturers SMT PCB printed circuit board. Also, the products are used for Apple, Dell, Intel, HP, Nintendo, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and other international brands , in line with international certification UL, CSA, ROHS and so on. US factory stable quality assurance, performance beyond B497, B477, B479, B478, B426, B541,7812. Unique color temperature series can be used to distinguish between different OEM factory production lines.

Polyonics-from the United States ,it is specialized in high temperature 

labels. (gold stickers, polyimide label) Also,it is a raw material produ-

cersCovering a variety of high temperature applications of 200  to 

600 .

Polyonics high temperature labels features:
1. Polyonics uses ultra-thin 1 mil polyimide material, to ensure the excellent quality of the premise, not the 
expensive noble POLYONICS.
2. Cost savingso you can get the best price.
3. Thin material structure is suitable for the whole process of treatment for solder paste screen printing to 
meet the most demanding process requirements.
4. Thin material is in line with the trend of ultra-thin 3C products such as MP3 and other circuit boards to 
in the direction of high-density development.
5. Maximum resistance to 315  / 50 min.
6. Not falling, no deformation.
7. Resist the erosion of various types of chemicals and a variety of wear.
8. To maintain the stability of quality.
9. Lead-free chemical process to achieve international standards.
10. It used for electronics manufacturers SMT PCB printed circuit board. Also, the products are used for 
Apple, Dell, Intel, HP, Nintendo, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and other international brands in line with inter-
national certification UL, CSA, ROHS and so onUS factory stable quality assuranceperformance beyond 
B497, B477, B479, B478, B426, B541,7812. Unique color temperature series can be used to distinguish 
between different OEM factory production lines.
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