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Steel Iron Label
Steel Iron Label
High temperature steel tag is mainly for steel, foundry, aluminum and other high temperature industries digitized identification label design and production, iron and steel, aluminum, cast product requires very striking number identification, and to meet the requirements of digital dunk, it need to contain more information for itself.

High temperature steel tag is mainly for steel, foundryaluminum and other high temperature industries digitized 

identification label design and production, iron and steel, aluminum, cast product requires very striking number

identificationand to meet the requirements of digital dunkit need to contain more information for itself.

Due to the special nature of these industriesit must bear such as: high temperaturesacids, oil, latex, 

rough uneven surface and other factors, as well as transportation and warehousing process strokerain, thunder

UV weather, which feature on the label material itselfAnd the production and use have a very high demand.

Special high temperature steel label its special surface coating is designed for thermal transfer printing or 

UV ink ribbon printing and design, and exhibit excellent read rates and superior chemical resistance 

and abrasion resistance, excellent high temperature characteristics, can be used at 600 ° C high temperature 

environmentresist the influence of various additives, fused and cleaners, acids, oil, latex and other chemicals

it is to ensure maintaining excellent performance in a variety of extreme harsh environment.

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