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High temperature labels
High temperature labels
High temperature labels with polyimide film substrate coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive, has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, maximum resistance to temperatures up to 320 ℃ of flux melting agent and cleaning chemicals, etc. have a certain anti-corrosive effect, for use in high temperature and extreme wear environments to maintain excellent performance.

Product Description

High temperature labels, it is a kind of permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive 

and for thermal transfer printing opaque white matte coating polyimide label. Label 

maximum operating temperature can reach 300 , is designed for leadfree electronics 

manufacturing process and design. Label Suitable for reflow and wave soldering process, 

product tracking, but also for the next PCB board and board.


At room temperature, the pressure-sensitive label is better, after higher than 200 

the label chemical resistance and abrasion resistance performance better. It is designed 

for a printed circuit board with a character or a bar code label design. Because it can 

withstand the process of production of printed circuit board facing the solder melting 

agents of erosion. Currently the main thickness of the substrate is 25u, 50u, the total 

thickness have two kind of 75u, 100u.


High temperature labels stickers are widely used in many electronic products and SMT 

manufacturing process crest, motherboards, corrosion products, mobile phones and 

lithium batteries and other products, high temperature labels. A polyimide film substrate 

coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, suitable for printing with UV inks and 

thermal transfer printing, has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance up to 

temperatures up to 320 degrees of flux melting agent, and cleaning agents chemical has

a certain role in the high temperature corrosion and wear and other extreme 

environments to maintain excellent performance.



1. Product Name: high temperature labels

2. Product Specifications: 28mm * 5mm

3. Product surface material: PI film
4. Viscose agent: permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

5. Color: Matte 

6. Thickness: 50um

7.Length: 50M length or customized products according to 

customer  requirements 

8Custom processing: Yes

9. Printed form: for thermal transfer printing


Product Features

1.Label printing and good resistance to alcohol, solvents

2.Tag temperature can reach 260  -300 

3.After high temperature labels do not change color, print clarity

4.Materials, environmental protection


Product application

Permanent use, PCB board SMT placement process with a high temperature labels. 

Suitable for aerospace, automotive, electronics, displays, cables, power supply, 

product identifica-tion, card and mobile phone battery label applications.


Packaging & Shipping

Inner package: Thin plastic film surround the products to protect it from scratching and water.


Outer package: Internationally standard K3K 5 layers corrugated cartons. Making the products arrive at our customer safe and in time is what we pursuit.

Shipping by air,by sea,by express.

Goods will be ready within 7days after receving the payment.


Why choose us

Dongguan GaoFei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2008, focused on the mobile phone, automotive, medical and other industries and to provide high-end label solutions, the company is committed to become the high-end bar code solutions provider.


GaoFei is based in Dongguan, global services. It have been cooperated with Huawei, Kyocera, Lenovo, Samsung, backgammon, Toyota, Gree, Shanghai and many other well-known pharmaceutical companies. Our business philosophy is cooperative, win-win, innovation.


A partnership with RICOH, ZEBRA, MOTOROLA, HONEYWELL, POLYONICS, BRADY, 3M and many other well-known enterprises, in order to better serve global customers, GaoFei commitment in all aspects of our service, quality, efficiency and constantly strive to innovate and exceed customer expectations.


The company passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the company's products also passed SGS, ROHS, UL certification.

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